Maura Pierlot

maura pup1Maura is an award-winning Canberra-based author, playwright and filmmaker who creates across art forms for children and adults. Her latest Picture Storybook,  Alphabetter,  published in February 2024 by Affirm Press is an A to Z of Building Character. It presents character traits in a positive sense as ways to be, gently supporting the element of agency and choice and active learning. By using real life examples the book presents easy to understand concepts in a holistic manner that helps children explore who they are, and who they would like to be, in a safe and supportive manner. This book is a unique and timely resource that makes character-building a fun, accessible and rewarding exercise at home, in the classroom and in life. It's a great stepping stone to ethical understanding and deliberation.

Maura's acclaimed play, Fragments, has been adapted as a hybrid young adult fiction novel and award-winning web series, and is also a feature-length film that toured festivals in Australia and overseas. Maura has a Ph.D. in philosophy and has worked as an ethicist, business owner and Editor of Australian Medicine. 

Praise for Fragments, the play:

"Fragments…. gives audiences a multi-sensory, embodied experience of what it’s like to be a teenager in distress….. It’s an effective exploration of not quite being able to communicate effectively, and what happens when those around you can’t quite see your reality under fake smiles and photoshopped selfies…..And despite the angst, the script also contains moments of genuine humour, of wit, and of hope. "

Erin Stewart, Review in Arts Hub

Praise for Fragments: Journeys from Isolation to Connection, the book (2nd Edition):

"Fragments offers a raw, authentic glimpse into the lives and struggles of young people. The play and web series are essential experiences for any young person searching for the light at the end of their tunnel, and a literary space where they can exist as more than just a fragment."

Jade Breen, Review in Reading Time, 2023