About Golvan Arts

About Golvan Arts Management and writing in Australia

Golvan Arts Management represents a wide range of writers including writers of both adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction, poetry, screen writers and writers of plays. We also represent visual artists and composers.

In order for us to decide whether we are interested in work we prefer to receive a brief written description of the project and some background information about the author as well as details of any publisher, producer or other purchaser who is interested in buying rights in the work. Don't send us entire manuscripts or even several sample chapters for consideration. However, you can enclose the first one to three pages of your manuscirpt. It is important to let us know if you have already sent your proposal or manuscript to another agent or if publishers or producers have already seen or rejected it. We do not charge fees for reading manuscripts however we are extremely selective in the clients we take on because we are so busy. Our fees are a 15% commission on the earnings of our client for contracts that we negotiate, plus a 10% GST; so the fee is 16.5%. We add an agency clause to all contracts which means that payments are made to Golvan Arts Management. We pass on the payment to our client but retain 16.5% (our 15% commission plus GST). You can contact us at this link.

We have some suggestions and advice about writing in Australia. Click on the topic related to the sort of work you are trying to sell in the Australian market for more information.



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