About writing in Australia: Fiction

If you have written fiction that you want to sell to a publisher, Golvan Arts Management recommends that you contact Mr Sean Doyle at LYNK Manuscript Service (PO Box 7004, Lismore Heights, NSW 2480; phone: (02) 6624 5750) or your local Writers’ Centre about organising a professional assessment. After responding to suggestions in the assessment report, you could approach the following publishers. Many publishers will only consider fiction that has had a positive assessment from a manuscript assessment service, if not submitted through an agent.

Allen & Unwin
Pan Macmillan (mass market)
University of Queensland Press
Echo Publishing
Hachette Livre Australia
Penguin Random House

Please note that if you are trying to interest an agent or publisher in your fiction we advise you prepare a short synopsis that provides the reader with some information about the plot and main characters but does not give away too much. It can be as short as the sort of “blurbs” that appear on the cover of books. You should also enclose a short CV. At Golvan Arts we prefer to read the first chapter rather than excerpts from different parts of the story. It is also suggested that you see Publishers' web sites for information about how they prefer to receive submissions and that it could be helpful to seek and pay for the advice of a professional editor, such as those registered in the Freelance Register of the Society of Editors (Victoria).