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This section highlights the availability of selected international book rights, film and television rights and animation rights. Please contact us at Unit 2701/ 8 Kavanagh St, Southbank VIC 3006 Australia if you are interested in acquiring rights in the projects listed below or are interested in acquiring rights in the work of any of our clients listed in other sections of our web site. Please see information about our Clients mentioned below and for information about other properties.

Books Available for Film Options

orrFinding yourself in hospital, in a bed of shattered glass, is traumatic. Coming to terms with multiple fractures and probable long-term difficulties is something else again – slow, painful, full of obstacles and questions with no clear answers. Anna is used to being athletic, popular, ‘normal’. Now she feels the layers of her familiar self being peeled away: nothing is normal or easy. Can she pick up the pieces of her life? What part will Hayden and Luke play? And who, now, is Anna Duncan?

This was an Honour Book in the 1997 Children’s Book Council Awards Older Readers Section and is being studied in many secondary schools. It is a dramatic story that lends itself to film adaptation. Peeling the Onion has been translated into Danish, Italian, German and Dutch and is published in English in Australasia, the UK and North America.