Alan Sunderland

Children’s Author

Alan Sunderland is married with three sons and lives in Sydney. He is a Walkley Award winning journalist who is now in charge of Editorial Policy accross the ABC and is the author of seven children’s books. He has 25 years’ experience in journalism with the ABC and SBS. During that time, he has worked in the Canberra Press Gallery, reported throughout Australia and overseas, and has had management roles in both SBS and ABC's News and Current Affairs departments. 

He won a Walkley Awards for covering an attack on the Iranian Embassy in Canberra in 1992, and for a series of exclusive reports from East Timor. He has also won the prestigious Council of the Deans of Education Award for education journalism three times in two years, which constitutes something of a record.

IncrediblePowersOfMontagueTowersMore recently, Alan started writing children’s books for 8-12 year olds. His latest book, The Incredible Powers of Montague Towers, was published in March 2016 through Scholastic Australia.

Montague Towers has to solve the crime of the century and hunt down an evil criminal mastermind. But how can he do that when he's just a normal boy? That's where the Cape of Justice can help ...

Toy Wars (published by Scholastic in 1999) was a fantasy adventure about a titanic battle between monsters and chess pieces, a story that explored notions of friends and enemies, and what it means to be different. Cosmo Cooper and the Lemons of Lockbarrel (Scholastic, 2002) followed the book’s hero, Cosmo Cooper, as he travelled from his tiny village into the big city to save his friends and family after disaster threatens their community.


Alan’s Refugee was released in June 2006 as part of the “My Australian Story” series published by Scholastic Australia. See the Scholastic web site for further information about the book and teacher's notes at


In September 2006, HarperCollins Australia published the first in a children’s series Octavius O’Malley and the Mystery of the Exploding Cheese. The second book in the series Octavius O’Malley and the Mystery of the Missing Mouse was published in September 2007 and Octavius O'Malley And The Mystery Of The Criminal Cats was published in 2008. Octavius O’Malley and the Mystery of the Exploding Cheese was published by Corint Junior in Romania in 2013. All three O'Malley Mysteries were published in German by Ars Edition from 2010 to 2011 and in Turkey by O2 Yayinevi in 2012.

Alan is an entertaining presenter for schools and libraries. See our Speakers section and Alan's web site at for more information.