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The film rights have been secured for Gordon Reece’s international bestseller MICE by a new Australian production company. See information from the press release below!

Southern Light Alliance is the new production venture from acclaimed producer Timothy White (TWO HANDS, THE BOYS ARE BACK) of Southern Light Films and former film publicity and marketing specialist Anna Vincent. The partnership was formed earlier this year and aims to develop Australian projects and international co-productions. SLA is based at the Adelaide Studios, South Australia, where Vincent resides... The first coup for SLA is their successful bid for the rights to the novel, MICE by British author Gordon Reece, partnering with Julie Ryan (RED DOG, TEN CANOES) of Cyan Films.

TheTwelfthRavenReece's debut thriller has received worldwide acclaim and has been published in 17 countries and released in 12 languages. "Tim White and I have worked together on several projects and saw a real benefit with setting up a production arm in South Australia," said Vincent. "When Julie Ryan brought MICE to our attention we saw a great story with international appeal and were excited to outbid a European company to secure the rights." Author Gordon Reece said, "I'm thrilledMICE is in the hands of such a talented group of people - they've been behind some brilliant Australian movies and I'm sure they're going to do an amazing job!" 

Wendy Orr’sNimsStories sequel to Nim’s Island, has been adapted to film. The Pinnacle Films movie, Return to Nim’s Island, was screened around Australia from 4 April 2013. See the official trailer here. Bindi Irwin plays the role of Nim.

To co-incide with the release of the film, Allen & Unwin will be publish The Nim Stories, a two book edition, combining the novels that inspired the Nim movies, Nim’s Island and Nim at SeaWendy Orr’s latest books include the Rainbow Street Pets published in Australia by Allen & Unwin and the Rainbow Street Shelter Series published by Henry Holt in the USA. These are six tail-wagging, melt-your-heart stories of loyal, lost playful and cuddly pets. Allen & Unwin have packaged them in one collection, while Henry Holt have published them as six separate short chapter books for young readers.

Bronwyn Bancroft’s Remembering Lionsville was published by Allen & Unwin in February 2013. It is a beautifully illustrated biographical book based on her family history and the family's connection to country.

RememberingLionsville smCome with me to my family's old house in Lionsville. It's full of memories. It's a special place. Uncle Pat calls it a secret place. We played in that old tin cubby, swam in the creek with the catfish, and fell asleep to the ribbip of frogs at night. And around the red cedar table we listened to the old people's stories. We learned a lot that way.

DancingInTheDarkFlux smDancing in the Dark, Robyn Bavati’s first novel was published by Flux in the USA in February 2013. It was first published by Penguin Books in Australia in February 2010. See teachers notes here.

’What if the very thing you were passionate about were forbidden by your family? This is the conundrum that Ditty Cohen has to face. Coming from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family, she is expected to go to school and synagogue until she is old enough to be married and start a family. However, when she discovers ballet on TV, she knows she was born to do much more, and the story follows her from the time she is 12 until she is 17. Forced to keep her dancing lessons a secret from her disapproving family, she begins to wonder which is more important: passion or faith. The author gives an in-depth look at one aspect of Orthodox Judaism and how it can affect families. Although the religion plays a large role in the plot, Ditty's inspiring story will resonate with many people. It's an insightful look into the hardships that some young people must endure to find themselves, even at the risk of leaving everything they know behind. The theme of making sacrifices in order to pursue a dream is a universal one. An excellent debut novel.‘

~ KIMBERLY CASTLE-ALBERTS, Hudson Library & Historical Society

Robyn's second novel, Pirouette will be published in the USA and Australia in November 2013. She is at present working on her third novel.