Di Walker

SAM 33319781760972349Di Walker’s second novel Everything We Keep was published by Scholastic Australia in 2021 and shortlisted in the Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards 2021. It is a 60,000 word length story aimed at the 11+ market, and is contemporary fiction with a strong female protagonist.  Agatha has been in and out of foster care for several years, having been removed from her parents because they are hoarders. When the story begins she is about to be returned yet again to her parents. The foster carers are a retired nurse and her naval husband, who is currently away on a ship.

Agatha has a growing realisation that if she stays with her parents she will be consumed by the stuff; she sees herself becoming like her mother. As much as she loves them she knows, to survive, she needs to be away from her parents. As the story unfolds she discovers that it is through friendship and courage the struggle to both save herself and love her parents is a possibility.

See this interview with Di Walker about the book, arranged by Mary Martin Bookshop in Southbank, Melbounre,

Praise for Everything We Keep:

Aimed at middle grade readers aged nine and older, this would even suit a younger YA audience, or readers of any age over nine grappling with friendship issues, family issues, difficulties at school or who might be in foster care or know someone in foster care. It can help build empathy towards those kids who live in the system. It can also open up discussions about anxiety, depression and tragedy and how tragic events can impact people in different ways, and the physical manifestation of mental health difficulties such as hoarding. Children reading this will also gain confidence to solve problems, and cope with their own mental health and that of their friends. This is a gentle and compassionate book that all readers will learn so many things from about life and learning not to judge people on what they see. This is a touching book that I read in two sittings, because I wanted to know what happened and I wanted to learn more about Agatha. It has an uplifting and hopeful feeling about it that readers will fall in love with.

A touching and beautiful read. ~ The Book Muse

Di Walker's debut novel, Unpacking Harper Holt was published by Walker Books Australia in 2018. Di has taught primary and secondary school and has worked as an adolescent/family counsellor. She is currently teaching English at a secondary school. Di lives in regional Victoria with her teenage son and their two rescue dogs. 

See Di’s website at www.diwalkerbooks.com and follow her on Instagram at diwalkerbooks.