Vicki Bennett

Adult and children’s non-fiction author

VB picVicki Bennett is a public speaker, training consultant to business, salesperson and author. Her Brisbane based consultancy, Vicki Bennett Training, has an impressive clientele which includes Government authorities and top corporations. She believes that success on a business level must first begin with success on a personal level.


the flying angelVicki's latest children's book, The Flying Angel (2021), was inspired by the life of the remarkable nurse, Sister Marie Eileen Craig.  In early 1944, 15 nurses from the Royal Australian Air Force nursing service were handpicked for the 2nd unit of flying sisters who made up the No 2 MAETU. Nicknamed 'the flying angels', the unit was based in Papua New Guinea.  Sister Craig was one of these nurses, handpicked to rescue injured soldiers from the frontline and bring them back to Australia..

Little stowaway coverThe Little Stowaway (2018) tells the story of a French orphan smuggled to Australia afer WW1. The Little Stowaway opens at the end of the war, when a ragged, hungry little French orphan came out of the fog on a freezing cold Christmas night in 1918 and wandered into an Australian airmen's mess and his journey home began. See trailer.

Two Pennies (2105), is about a little boy called George, living in Victoria after World War 1. He decides to work hard and raise two pennies to help build a school in Villers-Bretonneux, France. This town had been flattened by war and the school destroyed. This is a powerful and poignant picture story book about a little boy who, with courage, hope and perseverance, helped to build this school across the oceans. See trailer. This book has been translated into French: Deux Pennies.

Oliver's First Big Spy Adventure is mid grade fiction for 9-12 year olds. Vicki wrote this book with her grandson Oliver Orth.  On an ordinary afternoon after school, Oliver overhears two suspicious-sounding men talking about bacteria, AK47s, vicious dogs and a mysterious island. His grandmother takes off after them – proving to Oliver that she really is a spy. He follows them; knowing that this is what he’s been preparing for all his life. When two men leap from a black van and abduct his grandmother, Oliver’s first big spy adventure really begins. Oliver is kidnapped, tied up, chased across a field by guard dogs snapping at his heels, catches a train, hires a taxi, rides a horse, is shot at with a machine gun, drives a boat and is hopelessly lost in the open sea. He is brave and resourceful, but can he help his grandmother escape?

Vicki's latest non-fiction books for adults, The Book of Hope: An antidote for anxiety, was published in 2020. Our in-built mechanism of fight or flight is now on high alert. An environment of consistent stress, has produced overwhelming anxiety that we soothe, avoid or numb. In this book Vicki shares a mindset for dealing with anxiety and practical tools to reconnect to a hopeful future.

Previous book include Signposts for Life: Strategies for effective living and working. This book combined the best of Vicki’s two books I’ve Found The Keys, Now Where’s the Car? (1996) and I’ve read the Rules, Now How do I Play the Game? (1997) and added some new updated material. This motivational book focuses on goal setting and achieving success in both personal and professional contexts. The main themes include coping with change, creating positive attitudes, goal setting, risk taking, improving communicaiton, leadership, working as a team, building relationships, enhancing creative thinking and giving yourself great customer service.

With Ian Mathieson, Vicki co-authored The Effective Leader - How to balance your mind, body and spirit at home and at work (HarperCollins Australia, 2002).

LifeSmartLife Smart - Choices for young people about friendship, family and future (2001), provides sound advice on how to deal with the most pressing issues of these vital years: the ups and downs of friendships and love, learning to believe in ourselves and accept others, finding direction in our life, and relating to our families. It was translated and published in Indonesia, China, Brazil and Hungary.

Vicki captures twenty-first century teen living through the eyes of those who are living it. A must-read for all young people and their parents. An uplifting read – I couldn’t put it down.
~ Dennis Doyle, Executive Director, Young Achievement Australia.
This is an amazing book... Vicki’s energy and enthusiasm shine through as she speaks to teenagers on the issues relevant to them.
~ Elizabeth M Gilchrist, State Commissioner, Guides Australia Queensland.

Life Smart was the basis for a special community development program that Vicki implemented in Singapore, training parents, youth workers and volunteers to deliver training and awareness in life skills to young people in schools, communities and youth organizations. This was an initiative in conjunction with Integrative Learning Corporation Singapore and was funded by the Singapore Technologies Endowment Program. The objective of this program is to create a nation wide awareness of valuable life skills for teenagers.

Making Dreams Come True (1996), includes simple visualizations and practical exercises to help children set and achieve goals and is aimed at children, parents and teachers. It was published in Australia, Germany and the UK. 

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'Two Pennies'