Kevin Walsh

Adult Non-Fiction AuthorWaterwise Plants and Gardening Front Cover

Kevin Walsh (22.11.57-14.6.22) was known as a garden designer, horticulturist and writer. His latest book, published in 2017, Waterwise Plants and Gardening combined the contents of his best selling books Waterwise Gardening and Waterwise Plants. It included many colour photographs, easy to follow text and diagrams so that you can pick up handy hints, plan changes to your garden's layout, get into the finer points of setting up a tank and using grey water; as well as learn about waterwise plants suited to your gardening conditions. Kevin was a finalist in the 2006 Savewater Awards in the "Individual Action" category, for his contribution to the education of home gardeners and horticultural professionals on waterwise gardening. He had a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science (Horticulture) from the VCAH Burnley, as well as a Trade Certificate in Horticulture and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in writing.

Kevin wrote articles for The Age newspaper in Melbourne where he also answered correspondents’ gardening questions through the ‘Readers Questions’ column for almost ten years. He was a regular contributor of gardening articles to various periodicals and magazines such as Your Garden and was occasionally heard doing Gardener’s Talkback on ABC regional radio.  For over twenty years he had a weekly gardeners' talkback session on ABC regional radio heard throughout central and northwestern Victoria and parts of eastern South Australia. He was also regularly on Melbourne's 3CR gardening program.  He worked at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne and oversaw the rejuvenation of the historic Malmsbury Botanic Gardens. Kevin also undertook a large number of designs for commercial, public and private spaces, wrote reports for state and local government and consulted for schools, horticultural enterprises, historic gardens and private individuals.

Kevin worked as a garden designer and consultant planning and advising on gardens throughout Victoria. He also a lectured in sustainable gardening. Described by some as 'Australia's leading waterwise gardening expert', he was most sought after for his expertise in this critically important field. He was an adviser and educator for many water authorities, and has lectured throughout Victoria, as well as interstate and internationally.