Rita Erlich & Dr Alice Murkies

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Rita Erlich is a Melbourne based journalist, writer, speaker and teacher with a special interest in all aspects of food, including nutrition, and wine. Dr Alice Murkies, MBBS, FRACGP, is a medical researcher and general practitioner in practice at the Brighton Medical Clinic in Melbourne. She held the Nadia Maffei Fellowship at the Jean Hailes Foundation, where she is a consultant.

Both writers know that variety is the key to a healthy diet. Both also know that many people expect a single magic ingredient to provide the answer to health needs. They know from their own experiences and from research that many people think that healthy eating is too difficult to manage. From different perspectives, they have seen a series of crazes, fads, obsessions and anti-food attitudes. They were concerned that food anxieties and fads were leading to a great deal of unhealthy eating.

And so they started work on Color Me Healthy - Why you should eat almost everything (Hybrid Publishers 2001). This book is a collaboration of both their talents which promotes good health and diminishes food fears and anxieties. This is the book that makes variety easy, by presenting the world of food as rainbows. Eat rainbows and enjoy them, Rita Erlich and Alice Murkies advise. Stay active, they counsel  Explore flavors, experiment with ingredients.

Each color-coded chapter contains information about the foods of that color, recipes, hints, ideas as well as information about what nutrients are in each food, and what is currently known about their benefit. There are also suggestions on what to order in restaurants, and what else to eat if you don’t like particular ingredients.

“Rita Erlich and Alice Murkies have captured the science, the spirit and the romance of contemporary food and health ideas in Color Me Healthy. It is an exciting culinary and nutrition concept.”

~ Mark L. Wahlqvist AO, Professor of Medicine, Monash University; President of the International Union of Nutrition Science

Inquiries welcome regarding publication rights for all territories apart from Australia and New Zealand. Television rights available. Chinese language rights have been sold and the book has been translated into simplified Chinese and published by Shiwen Book (HK) Co. Limited (2003).