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June July 2009

Crossing the Line - cover Congratulations to Dianne Bates whose latest book, Crossing the Line, published in August 2008 by Ford St has been short listed in the 2009 NSW Premier's Literary Awards. The judges said: 'The subject matter of Crossing the Line is confronting, even gruelling. Sophie, as main character and narrator, moves in and out of therapy, in and out of relationships, craving affection and intimacy, yet simultaneously bristling, defensive and distrustful. Her strong presence dominates the novel. Sophie falls into a transference relationship with her therapist, which leads to emotional obsession and stalking behaviour even more extreme than her acts of self-mutilation. What makes the story believable is the raw intensity of her voice and point of view. Sophie is a troubling and uncomfortable caracter, yet undeniably, overpoweringly real. Dianne Bates's book will be a valuable text to stimulate discussion, especially among teenage girls.'

100% Hero - cover 100% Wolf - cover

Watch out for 100% Hero to be published in June 2009 by Random House Australia. This is the second book in a new fast paced and funny series for independent readers by Jayne Lyons. 100% Wolf, which has been included in the WA Young Readers List 2009, was published in Australia in January 2008. It will be published by Atheneum an imprint of Simon & Schuster in the USA in August 2009; and rights for Italy, Indonesia and Chinese have been sold. See reviews at YARA online.

Praise for 100% Wolf

‘Hilarious fun for readers up to about 12. ’
~The Sunday Age
‘This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. I recommend it for people who have a sense of adventure and humour. ’
~Cairns Post

Jayne Lyons was a star performer at the Perth Writers Festival in Jan/Feb 2009 and the All Saints Literature Festival in Perth in March 2009. She will be visiting schools around Perth during Book Week in August.

Stopwatch 1: Land of Kur - cover Stopwatch 2: Land of Mirthful - cover

See Stopwatch, Book 1: The Land of Kur published in March 2009! This is the first book in a new fantasy series by Sally Morgan, Ambelin, Blaze and Ezekiel Kwaymullina, action packed and full of earthy humour, perfect for 7 to 9 year olds. A stopwatch has sixty thin black lines, each marking off the seconds in a minute. But in Tom's stopwatch, they are also geateways to sixty different worlds! Stopwatch, Book 2: The Land of Mirthful is being published by Walker Books Australia in July 2009. Sally (best selling author of My Place) has recently been doing a lot of writing for children and several projects she has undertaken with her children, Ambelin, Blaze and Ezekiel Kwaymullina, are in production. They are working on Book 3 right now!

In Two Minds - Cover

In Two Minds by Paul Valent, published by University Of NSW Press in July 2009, is an epic adventure story that leaves us wiser and more hopeful. It demonstrates that beyond our inner demons we can find sense, health and goodness, and that our struggles in the dark are ultimately understandable and achievable.

Written as a memoir, in this book Valent describes the journey of the struggles and discoveries in his varied career over four decades. Through the fascinating stories of his work with patients and the examination of his own life story, the author articulates and grapples with ubiquitous human issues: What is the nature of the fear of death? What is the source of moral judgements and their variability over time? How do people develop values, beliefs, religions and ideologies? Existential meanings? A sense of sacred? Purpose? What happens when things go drastically wrong? How do victims and perpetrators arrange their minds? What is the nature of irrationality, illness, and evil? How do mind, body and society interact?

Paul Valent confronts the dilemma of human nature. Is our essence substance or soul; mind or brain? Should he use drugs or words to help his patients? If words, what is the power of words? How do they reach the unconscious? And what is the unconscious? Where is it? And why is it there? For more information see Paul Valent's web site at www.paulvalent.com.

Young Rain Bloodaxe edition - cover Kingfishers Soul

Kevin Hart’s latest poetry publication is Young Rain which was published in Australia by Giramondo in 2008 and by Bloodaxe Books in the UK in 2009. Flame Tree: Selected Poems was published in Britain and the USA by Bloodaxe Books (2002) and in Australia by Paperbark Press (2001).

’With Young Rain Kevin Hart continues his “transmemberment of song” into a realm all his own in Australian poetry.‘

Robert Adamson’s latest book of poetry The Kingfisher’s Soul, was published in the UK by Bloodaxe Books in March 2009. The Golden Bird: New and selected poems, was published in Australia by Black Inc in 2008.

’The sparseness and taut energy of the more recent poems, for all Adamson's famous romanticism, seems classic: as if, like Yeats, he has discovered the exhilaration and enterprise of walking naked.‘

Nims Island - cover

Wendy Orr is speaking at New York Public Library on Saturday 20 June at 3.00pm, Children's Center at 42nd Street, Room 84, 42nd Street and 5th Avenuw, New York, NY 10018. See the DVD of the film based on Nim's Island and visit www.nimsisland.com. Hear a podcast of Wendy being interviewed on radio about The Great Yackandanda Billycart Race (an annual event inspired by one of her books) and Nim's Island. Click on the icon of the headphones under the photo of Wendy at this link.

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