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TheTwelfthRavenAuthor and Poet

Doris Brett, born in 1950, is a Clinical Psychologist and writer who is married, has one daughter and lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has published seven books ranging from poetry to novels to therapeutic storytelling for children. Her latest, The Twelfth Raven was published in March 2014 by UWA Publishing (University of Western Australia). The Twelfth Raven is a literary journey through a series of life-threatening health crises involving two of the leading causes of death and disability in Australia - heart disease and stroke.

jankeFiction and Non-Fiction Author

Terri Janke is an Indigenous Australian. She is a lawyer and has her own law firm that represents Indigenous artists and creators. She is the author of Our Culture: Our Future: A report on Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights. She writes and speaks internationally. Her short stories have been published in Southerly and Island. She and her daughter co-authored a Picture Storybook for children which was published by Magabala Books in 2004.

AHistoryOfBooksAdult Fiction Author

Gerald Murnane was born in Melbourne in 1939, spent part of his childhood in country districts of Victoria and moved back to Melbourne in 1949. In recent years he has been living in Western Victoria.

Gerald's book Something for the Pain: A Memoir of the Turf is the winner of the 2016 Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Non-Fiction. It was published by Text in September 2015. This unique and candid memoir tells the story of Gerald's life through the lens of horse racing, a fascination which began when he was a young boy. 

Gerald's latest book, Border Districts, was published by Giramondo in November 2017. 

Fiction Author

wendy orr 0550Wendy Orr is an internationally published and award-winning author of more than thirty books, ranging from picture books to adult. She was born in Canada, and grew up in France, Canada and USA. After high school she studied occupational therapy in England, married an Australian farmer, and moved to Australia. They had a son and daughter, and now live on five acres of bush on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. Her books have won awards in Australia and around the world, and have been translated into twenty-seven languages.

When Wendy was nine, she wrote a story about an orphan girl living on an island. Many years later, she remembered the feeling of writing that story, and started writing Nim’s Island. In 2008 the book became the first Australian children’s book to become a Hollywood feature film. 

Author and Visual Artist

reeceGordon Reece was born in England in 1963. He studied English Literature at Oxford and worked as a teacher before requalifying as a lawyer. In 1999 he moved to Spain where he began to write and illustrate for children. He moved to Australia in 2005 and currently lives in Bendigo. His first book was The Crocodile and the Zebra (SM, Spain, 2002). Gordon has also published short stories, cartoons and a graphic novel. Gordon’s latest work, a crossover, Young Adult/ Adult thriller, MICE was first published in Australia by Allen and Unwin in August 2010. It has since been published throughout the world including the USA, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Brazil, Poland, the Czech Republic and Taiwan.


Marg Vandeleur grew up in Brisbane and lives in Melbourne. She has worked as a festival director, advisor to Melbourne’s Olympic Bid, executive officer of a progressive philanthropic foundation and campaign manager. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in anthologies and literary magazines.

Poet and Author

adamsonAdamson’s beautifully written autobiography, Inside Out, first published in hardback in March 2004 by Text Publishing was released in soft cover in July 2006. In this wonderful book, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes funny, Robert tells the story of his childhood and early adulthood in fifties and sixties Australia. Having spent much of his adolescence in boys’ homes and prisons he is introduced to books and dreams of becoming a writer.

bennettVicki Bennett is a public speaker, training consultant to business, salesperson and author. Her Brisbane based consultancy, Vicki Bennett Training, has an impressive clientele which includes Government authorities and top corporations. She believes that success on a business level must first begin with success on a personal level.


David Bernstein is a freelance writer and journalist who works for The Melbourne Age. A former Israeli, he served as a paratrooper in the Israeli army before going on to complete a BA in Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a PhD in English literature (T.S. Eliot) at the University of Cambridge. He has worked as an Israeli-based journalist for the Jerusalem Post (Jerusalem), the Times (London), the Economist (London) and Macleans magazine (Toronto). Since emigrating to Australia in 1989, he has written extensively for the Australian Jewish News, the Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, the Independent Monthly, and Generation Journal. He lives in Melbourne, is married and has two children.

broinowskiNon-Fiction Author

Alison Broinowski is a graduate of Adelaide University and is currently a Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Asian Studies at the Australian National University, where her PhD is on Asian Representations of Australia. The author of six books of fact and fiction on aspects of Asia, she worked alternately as an Australian diplomat and as a writer from 1963 to 1996. Her overseas assignments included Cultural Attaché in the Australian Embassy, Tokyo, Chargé d’Affaires in the Australian Embassy, Amman and Counsellor at the Australian Mission to the United Nations, New York.

Non-Fiction Authors

The Encyclopaedia of Exercise and Sport Health by Dr Peter Brukner, Dr Karim Khan and John Kron was published in Australia in early 2004 by Allen & Unwin.

Whether you want to get the most out of training, your child has been injured playing sport, you are studying physical education at high school or tertiary level or want to know which exercise can improve your health, this book has the answers. It is clearly illustrated and has non-jargon explanations for thousands of questions about the health and fitness related aspects of exercise and sport. Photos include those of well known sports identities.

ColorMeHealthyNon-Fiction Authors

Rita Erlich is a Melbourne based journalist, writer, speaker and teacher with a special interest in all aspects of food, including nutrition, and wine. Dr Alice Murkies, MBBS, FRACGP, is a medical researcher and general practitioner in practice at the Brighton Medical Clinic in Melbourne. She held the Nadia Maffei Fellowship at the Jean Hailes Foundation, where she is a consultant.

Non-Fiction Writer

MicheleMichele is a Melbourne based author and freelance writer whose feature articles have been published regularly in Eureka Street magazine since 2001 and also appear in the daily newspapers The Courier Mail (Brisbane), The Age (Melbourne) and The Australian (throughout Australia). She is an experienced public speaker who is booked regularly in Melbourne and Brisbane. 

hardy-rixNon-Fiction Writer

Shirley Hardy-Rix began work in mainstream media as soon as she left school, spending eight years reporting crime and courts on television and radio.

Shirley’s first book, Cops, Crooks and Catastrophes, was published in 1992. She then published A History - The Tin Shed and Beyond, an anecdotal history that traces the growth of the Watsonia RSL Sub-branch from its humble beginnings. She co-authored True Blue: Stories of Bravery from Victorian Police with Chief Inspector Ralph Stavely.

hartPoet, Non-Fiction Writer

Kevin Hart was born in the UK in 1954, and grew up in London and Brisbane. He was educated at the Australian National University and the University of Melbourne. He is married and lives with his wife and two daughters in Virginia, USA. An award winning poet, he teaches in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and has written extensively on critical theory, modern poetry and eighteenth century literature.


Former SWAT team leader and Commando trainer, Shane Horsburgh, with Jason K Foster, had his first book Fighting Blind, published with Allen & Unwin in 2012. Fighting Blind details Shane’s time in Baghdad working for the US department of Defense, training commandos for the post-Saddam Iraqi police force. Shane must endure intense physical and mental stress brought on by rogue insurgents, mortar attacks, roadside bombs and fifty-degree heat, doing his best to survive while staying focused on the job. However it his brief encounter with an elderly Iraqi man, known as the Professor, that will prove to change his life.

Riverfolk150118Non-Fiction Author, Ute Man and Film/TV Maker

Best selling author Allan Nixon, the "Uteman", has toured throughout Australia writing stories about the interesting people and places he visits. Riverfolk: Life Along the Murray (2009) is his latest Penguin book. Every politician in the country has a view on how to fix the Murray, but Allan has sought out those who know it best - those who live and work beside it. Riverfolk is an uplifting tribute to an Australian icon.

valentNon-Fiction Writer

Paul Valent was born in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 1938. He survived the Holocaust in Hungary and in 1949 he and his parents migrated to Australia. Valent studied medicine in Melbourne (1956-1962). He graduated as a psychiatrist in London in 1966. 1967-70 he worked in Israel where he researched the psychological effects of the Six Day War. Back in Australia, from 1971 to 1996 Valent worked as a consultant psychiatrist, mostly in emergency departments at Prince Henry's Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.

Adult Non-Fiction AuthorWaterwise Plants and Gardening Front Cover

Kevin Walsh is known as a garden designer, horticulturist and writer. His latest book, Waterwise Plants and Gardening combines the contents of his best selling books Waterwise Gardening and Waterwise Plants. The new edition includes many colour photographs, easy to follow text and diagrams so that you can pick up handy hints, plan changes to your garden's layout, get into the finer points of setting up a tank and using grey water as well as learn about waterwise plants suited to your gardening conditions. Kevin lives in Castlemaine with his wife and two children. He was a finalist in the 2006 Savewater Awards in the "Individual Action" category, for his contribution to the education of home gardeners and horticultural professionals on waterwise gardening. He has a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science (Horticulture) from the VCAH Burnley, as well as a Trade Certificate in Horticulture and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in writing.


adamsonRobert Adamson was appointed Professor of Poetry at University of technology Sydney (UTS) in February 2012. At the Sydney Writers' Festival in May 2016, Adamson launched the historic Australian issue of Poetry, which he edited, with Don Share, editor of Chicago’s Poetry Foundation. He edited Black Inc's Best Australian Poems 2010 and Best Australian Poems 2009. Adamson's latest collection of poetry, Net Needle, was published in May 2015 by Black Inc in Australia and by Flood Editions in the US, and by Bloodaxe Books in the UK in May 2016.  

Children’s Author and Poet

fraser-smJanine Fraser lives on Phillip Island in Victoria for most of the year, and three months of the year in Manhattan, New York. She loves to travel and meet new people, and listen to their stories.  She found the story of Abdullah in Malaysia, and the Sarindi stories in Indonesia.

Janine’s most recent novel for children, Sarindi’s Dragon Kite, was shortlisted for the Western Australian Premiers' Book Award, 2010. It was published in September 2010 by HarperCollins

Poet, Non-Fiction Writer

hartKevin Hart was born in the UK in 1954, and grew up in London and Brisbane. He was educated at the Australian National University and the University of Melbourne. He lives in Virginia, USA. An award winning poet, he teaches in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and at the Australian Catholic University, Melbourne. He has written extensively on critical theory, modern poetry and eighteenth century literature.

Young Adult Author

RobynPhotoRobyn Bavati has taught dance and English and worked as a shiatsu therapist. She is an award winning fiction and short-story writer who grew up in Melbourne and as an adult has lived in both Australia and Israel. She is the author of three novels.


Her latest book, Within These Walls was short listed in the Younger Readers Category of the 2017 CBCA Book of the Year Awards. Based on true events, this work of historical fiction is for 11 to 14 year olds. 

For Miri and her family, life in Warsaw is full of simple joys. But when the Germans march into Warsaw with their campaign of hatred against the Jews, Miri and her family must move to the ghetto. One by one her family are taken from her, and Miri finds herself alone. 

"Within These Walls is constrained in its visual detail and emotion, dealing with the observable events and reactive responses of those under threat without graphic elaboration. This in no way lessens the impact of the story; indeed it brings a deeper understanding of the pragmatism that Miri must adopt to survive within her shifting world ... 

"It seems inappropriate somehow to say Within These Walls was an enjoyable read, but I learned so much of the history of Warsaw without feeling bogged down in facts and figures. As Miri's life changed, so did my understanding of the escalating terror that the Jewish people of Warsaw ... lived with during Nazi occupation in World War II."
~JENNIFER MORS, Reading Time - see the full review here.

"This book would make an excellent ... companion to Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl or John Boyne's Boy in The Striped Pyjamas as it reads in an accesible contemporary YA way despite its graphic historical content."
~EVIE MARSHALL, Magpies Magazine

Adult and children’s non-fiction author

Vicki's latest book, The Little Stowaway, tells the story of a french orphan smuggled to Australia and will be published by Scholastic in March 2018.

Two Pennies, published in 2015, tells the story of a little boy called George, living in Victoria after World War 1. He decides to work hard and raise two pennies to help build a school in Villers-Bretonneux, France. This town had been flattened by war and the school destroyed. Illustrated by John Flitcroft, this is a powerful and poignant picture story book about a little boy who, with courage, hope and perseverance, helped to build this school across the oceans.

See this lovely book trailer for Two Pennies:

Children’s Author

Jayne Lyons is married and a full time working mother, with one daughter. She was born and raised in the UK and her high school ‘A’ levels were mainly Arts based: English, History, Art/Art History, but she also studied Geology. She graduated from the University of London in 1990 with a BSc Hons and then again in 1993 with an MSc; both in Geology.

Children’s Author

wendy orr 0550Wendy Orr is an internationally published and award-winning author of more than thirty books, ranging from picture books to adult. She was born in Canada, and grew up in France, Canada and USA. After high school she studied occupational therapy in England, married an Australian farmer, and moved to Australia. They had a son and daughter, and now live on five acres of bush on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. Her books have won awards in Australia and around the world, and have been translated into twenty-seven languages.

When Wendy was nine, she wrote a story about an orphan girl living on an island. Many years later, she remembered the feeling of writing that story, and started writing Nim’s Island. In 2008 the book became the first Australian children’s book to become a Hollywood feature film. 

Children’s Author

Alan Sunderland is married with three sons and lives in Sydney. He is a Walkley Award winning journalist who is now in charge of Editorial Policy accross the ABC and is the author of seven children’s books. He has 25 years’ experience in journalism with the ABC and SBS. During that time, he has worked in the Canberra Press Gallery, reported throughout Australia and overseas, and has had management roles in both SBS and ABC's News and Current Affairs departments. 

He won a Walkley Awards for covering an attack on the Iranian Embassy in Canberra in 1992, and for a series of exclusive reports from East Timor. He has also won the prestigious Council of the Deans of Education Award for education journalism three times in two years, which constitutes something of a record.

Scriptwriter and Actor

hopgoodAlan Hopgood is well known as a playwright, screenwriter, documentary writer and as an actor. Since 1997 Hopgood's HealthPlay performances have brought the worlds of drama and health together, offering a humorous outlook on challenging health issues. The narratives are inspired by true life stories. See www.healthplay.com.au

In March 2000, Alan's play The Carer premiered in Melbourne before two tours of Australia. It was highly praised for its sensitive treatment of Alzheimer's disease and its warmth and humour. Since then, Alan has written several plays addressing health issues, ranging from diabetes to geriatric sex, and is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars. Recently, The Carer was performed in Cantonese in Hong Kong by 105 Drama Society in October 2015. In Early 2016, tours of The Carer are planned for country Victoria. 


Gilly McInnes is based in Melbourne and has spent over 20 years as a freelance writer, director and performer in the area of theatre for and by young people across Australia. She has also worked as a high school and university level drama teacher. Gilly has written 26 plays, which have been professionally produced in Australia by Polyglot Puppet Theatre, Patch Theatre, Company Skylark, Handspan Theatre and Arena Theatre in particular. Seventeen of her plays are puppetry specific. Her plays include adaptations of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Charlotte’s Web by EB White, The Hobbit By JRR Tolkien and The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate by Margaret Mahy.


Kevin Nemeth is a popular and award winning scriptwriter with over 25 year experience in the industry. He has been awarded five Australian Writers' Guild Awards and has received another nine nominations. He graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Diploma in Dramatic Arts and has received an Australia Council Literature Board Fellowship.


nimmoHeather was born in the UK and immigrated to Australia with her family as a child. She grew up and attended school and university in Adelaide and before settling in Perth, lived in several isolated places around Australia through her involvement in the mining industry. She is at present with her husband in London.

Visual Artist and Book Illustrator

bancroftBronwyn is a highly acclaimed Aboriginal artist and designer whose artworks have been collected by galleries and museums throughout Australia, in the USA and Germany. Exhibitions of her art have been shown in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, The USA, France and Germany. A descendant of the Bunjalung people of New South Wales, Bronwyn grew up in the small country town of Tenterfield. She now lives in Sydney with her three children. She holds a Master of Studio Practice and a Master of Visual Arts from the University of Sydney and currently serves on the boards of Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative, the Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) and the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME). 

Visual Artist and Book Illustrator

voutilaRitva Voutila was born in 1946 in Nokia, Finland. She spent her first twenty two years in Finland, and came to Australia for the first time in 1968. After two and a half years working in Sydney she returned to Europe, and spend the next ten years in the Canary Islands, Spain. She moved to Australia for the second time in 1981, and since then Australia has been her permanent home. Before becoming a full time artist/illustrator/graphic designer in 1983, she worked as a garden designer, computer programmer/analyst and computer sales representative.


barry hill

Barry Hill, award winning poet, non-fiction author and essayist, was short listed for the 2009 Melbourne prize for literature. Barry's upcoming book, Reason and Lovelessness, Essays, Encounters, Reviews 1980-2017 will be published in March 2018 by Monash University Press. His most recent prose work, Peacemongers, was published by University of Queensland Press in October 2014.

A combination of a travel book, a history book, and a ‘peace book’, this is Barry’s first major prose work since 2002.

Barry Hill's Broken Song: TGH Strehlow and Aboriginal Possession , first published in 2002, is the seminal love story of the Centre of Australia - a tale of cultural and personal heartbreak, of obsession and possession with regard to the past and the future. This story of Ted Strehlow has been described as 'one of the great Australian books.' A complex, brilliant man in three languages (German, English, Aranda), a lover of women and 'his' Aboriginal country, he grew up on the Hermannsburg Mission at a time of bloody frontier settlement. He devoted his life to collecting the secret sacred songs and the sacred objects (which held the ancestor spirits of the songs). Like no one else in Australian history he could claim such inside knowledge as to declare himself 'the last of the Aranda'. Yet having done so much to win trust, he was to betray it in our modern period. Broken Song won numerous prestigious prizes, including Premier's Awards (Vic 2003, NSW 2004), the National Biography Award 2004 and the Tasmania Pacific Bicentenary History Prize 2004; and it's been proudly kept in print by its publishers, Penguin Random House (link: https://www.penguin.com.au/books/broken-song-9781740512299 ) as a classic.

Non-Fiction Writer

AM Author photo

Andrew Marmont was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and fell in love with Rugby League when the Auckland Warriors joined the ARL competition in 1995. After graduating from the University of Auckland in 2007, Andrew moved to France before settling in Melbourne. A regular contributor to Big League, he also writes for Inside Sport, Rugby League World and Commentary Box Sports. Andrew has loved sport from an early age, frequently airing his views on NZ’s Radio Sport as a boy. His first interview was Sir Edmund Hillary at the age of 13.

Their Finest Hour - A History of the Rugby League World Cup in 10 Matches was published by ABC Books in July 2017.

Screenwriter and Freelance Writer

jaine headshot

Jaine N Eira is a screenwriter and prose writer of fiction and non-fiction. She has had two short films picked up for production, plus a third short film and a six-part television series which she co-wrote. She has experience as a script editor and script consultant, and has written an animation for the Department of Education (through Briarbird and Co.) and a music video for Peep Tempel's Big Fish (through Truce Films).

koraly dimitriadis.jpg Koraly Dimitriadis is a Cypriot-Australian poet, writer, actor and performer. She is the author of the controversial Love and F**k Poems which was translated into Greek as Ποιήματα για Αγάπη και για Γαμήσι and published by ΑΣΤΑΜΑΝ in 2014 to rave reviews and debate, with European English and Greek rights sold in 2015 to Honest Publishing (UK). 

Koraly is a freelance opinion writer and has contributed to publications such as Daily LifeRendezview, SBS, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Saturday Paper, The Vocal, Junkee.com, New Matilda, ABC The Drum, Overland and MeanjinHer literary work has appeared in publications such as SoutherlyBlue Dog, [Untitled], Short and Twisted, Social Alternatives, Etchings, Unusual Works, Offset, The Green Fuse, Page 17 and others. Her writing has been broadcast on radio and has scrolled on Melbourne's Federation square wall. In 2009 Koraly was awarded a place in the Overland masterclass for her short-story 'The Recipe' which then went on to be longlisted in the FISH Prize in Ireland. In 2017 Koraly was awarded a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship for her unpublished novel which was also longlisted previously for the Hachette manuscript program. 

Koraly is a trailblazing performance poet having performed nationally and internationally at theatres and festivals. She isan actor, screen and theatre writer. She made short films of her poems which were funded by Australia Council called The Good Greek Girl Film Project. Koraly has produced an unscripted feature KORALY: I wonder if they'll make the TV show which was screened on channel 31. In late 2016 Koraly staged her debut theatre show Koraly: "I say the wrong things all the time" at La Mama Theatre. Koraly is represented by Profile Creative for her acting and screenwriting. Golvan Arts Management is her literary agent managing her publishing and literary works. See her web site at www.koralydimitriadis.com.

john charalambousJohn Charalambous was born and educated in Melbourne. He grew up in a culturally mixed family - Greek-Cypriot on his father's side and Anglo-Australian on his mothers'. He graduated from Melbourne State College in 1978 with a fine arts degree, and began to write fiction while teaching in secondary schools, at the same time studying literature and creative writing at Melburne University. He was a teacher in rural victoria for many years.

John's first novel, Furies, was published by UQP in 2004, and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writer's Prize Best First Book. His second book, Silent Parts, published by UQP in 2006, explores an Australian family's private myth about a WW1 soldier who didn't come back from France. It was longlisted for the Miles Franklin award in 2007, and later adapted by screenplay writer Blake Ayshford into the telemovie An Accidental Soldier (2013).

In 2007 John moved to Bendigo, where he completed an arts degree, followed by a creative writing PhD at Deakin University focusing on French Philisopher Paul Ricoeur's notion of narrative identity. He recieved his doctorate in 2015.

John's most recent book, Two Greeks, was published by UQP in August 2011.

See John's website at http://www.johncharalambous.com.au


David MameaScriptwriter

New Zealand based David Fa’auliuli Mamea completed the South Seas Film & Television production course, concentrating on screenwriting. Since 2002 he has worked on film, television, theatre and radio projects in genres ranging from sci-fi to soap, comedy to horror, and documentary to drama. He has also directed a feature and a short film, and produced two short films. His one-person-one-puppet play, Still Life With Chickens, won the 2017 Adam New Zealand Play Award in May. David has developed proposals for two separate TV series, and has written a pilot for each one.

See his website at http://dfmamea.com/blog/