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Peter Hepworth


Sadly, Peter Hepworth passed away on 19 September 2011. Peter was born in Lismore, New South Wales, in 1948 and lived in Melbourne. He was the son of playwright/novelist Oriel Gray and author/columnist, John Hepworth. Peter began his writing career in 1968 on the seminal and much loved Bellbird television serial, and had well over 250 hours of produced screen drama and/or comedy to his credit. Peter had a fine reputation in coordinating story and script development for many different producers. He knew how to work with other script writers and had been especially inspirational in working with less experienced writers.

He wrote on the permanent team of almost all of the major television series including the long running Skyways and Cop Shop before the internationally successful The Sullivans, Zoo Family (nominated for an American Emmy Award) and The Flying Doctors. He also wrote for the highly regarded Henderson Kids 1 before being asked to create Henderson Kids 2. He had been co-creator, writer and script supervisor of the ABC series House Rules and Inside Running, as well as script editor for The Flying Doctors. He wrote for Westbridge Film’s two Kelly series.

Westbridge commissioned him to co-create, story edit and write for their Ocean Girl series which received international acclaim and sales, including the American Disney and British BBC channels. He continued in these roles for three series, a total of 52 episodes. He also wrote the book version, published by Mammoth Press in Australia and Hyperion in the United States. Peter was co-creator/writer for Eye Wonder, and creator/writer of Small Tales of Nowhere series.

He was story editor for the 26-part soap opera spoof Shark Bay, made by Artist Services for Foxtel and a writer for Muggers and State Coroner. He was also story editor for the Simpson/Le Mesurier drama series, Good Guys, Bad Guys, the Barron series The Adventures of Chuck Finn, and for the December Films puppet series, Li’l Horrors. He also wrote a number of episodes of Blue Heelers.

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