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Jamie Forbes

Adult and Children’s Author, Screenwriter, Playwright and Poet

Jamie Forbes

Although his interests lie mainly in scripts for television and the screen, Jamie Forbes has enjoyed working hard to establish himself as a writer of diverse range, from theatre to songs, from cartooning to journalism, novels to short stories. He has had several plays and musicals performed throughout Australia, including the drama Sleep Easy Chill (which won the Bicentennieal Young Playwright’s Award and toured Sydney and then the rest of New South Wales), the comedy The Incomplete Shakespeare (which earned Jamie a place at the 1988 International Festival of Young Playwrights and a production in Sydney under the Irish Director Phillip Hardy) and the comedy Mister Jones (performed for two seasons by St. Martins, then produced by the ABC for Radio National and broadcast twice). Jamie has also had short stories published including Alien Corn, Australian Short Stories Issue 30 and The Greatest Game in the Universe, published as Benched in Space in The Australasian Post.

He has worked with children in theatre and drama education and has a degree in Childhood Development. Jamie is also working on two adult feature film screenplays, a thriller (Disappear) and a romantic comedy (2 love). His Blood Spill dramatic segment is a feature of the media education documentary Film Language.

Jamie worked as a sketch writer on the ABC’s satirical current affairs program Back Berner, hosted by Peter Berner, and has a number of proposals for comedy series available for interested producers to consider.

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